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Great newcomers

14 November, 2019

Within the world of soundtrack composition, the list of well-known artists who usually give us their magnificent compositions made for the films of the moment is extensive, but so, it is only a very small part of the huge list of authors working on a lot of productions that, not yet on the front line, do eventually reach the general public mainly thanks to platforms like Netflix, HBO o Amazon Prime).

That's why I'd like to write about these artists, great composers but not very well-known soundtrack composers. In a market where the production of music for image is really vast, it is more so, if possible, the audience availability to access composed music for small productions, such as short films, documentary shorts, small video reports, etc.

Many of the pieces of the composers I refer to in this post are true masterpieces, composed and performed professionally to none in trade to those usually performed by frontline composers. We could start by talking about composers who have composed for short films, like Andrea Grant (‘Break my bones’ o ‘Beyond us’) or for productions with good reviews but that are only known in their home country, as is the case with Alessandro Molinari (‘Negli occhi dell’assassino’) or people whose good work is present in good films like ‘Air’ of Edo Van Breemen, que también ha firmado la música de los documentales ‘Fractured Land’ y ‘Lost & Found’ o la serie de Netflix “Dogs” (Amigos Caninos). En este sentido no podemos ignorar el gran talento de who has also signed the music of the documentaries 'Fractured Land' and 'Lost & Found' or the Netflix series "Dogs". In this way we cannot ignore the great talent of Zeltia Montes, who took over the soundtrack of great Spanish documentaries such as "Sad Hill Unearthed" or "Frágil Equilibrio".

As I say, even though they are not famous composers, it is possible to enjoy their work in films that can be considered as ‘for general public’. It is the case of Gast Waltzing who compose the soundtrack of ‘Hysteria’ or the highly valued ‘Sunset Song’ or Christopher Slaski, in charge of the score of the great ‘A Good American’. Other examples can be found in Nicholas Pike, who composed the OST of ‘Parasomnia’, Brian Cachia (‘The Osiris child’, ‘Gabriel’) Zacarias M. De La Riva (‘The Kill Team’, ‘Automata’) David Stone Hamilton (‘Solis’, ‘Dark Encounter’) o Jose “Pepe” Ojeda (“Replicas”).

In a following ranking, we can meet authors whose music reaches perhaps farther than the productions for which they have worked as Daniel L.K. Caldwell (‘Prospect’) or the Finnish Panu Aaltio (‘Järven tarina’ and other documentaries and short documentaries ) or those who have 'touched the sky' working in large productions such as Jon Ekstrand (‘Life’, ‘Child 44’) o Jed Palmer (‘Upgrade’). The series are a wide field where the great works as far as soundtrack composition is concerned could be forgotten, maybe because many of them are not published, as it does Christian Henson (author of the soundtracks of series like ‘Agatha Christie: Poirot’ or ‘Tutankhamun’ (Tutankamón)).

At a certain distance, we have other authors who, although not very well known, are in the way of being as is the case of the author of the score of ‘Glass’ or ‘Split’: West Dylan Thordson ,perhaps because of the disagreement of M. Night Shyamalan with James Newton Howard. The fact that a great director, belonging to the “Mainstream” and who usually works with another great composer stops doing so, can be an opportunity to discover another great talent, as has happened in this case of Shyamalan with Dylan Thordson. But the greatest opportunity is that provided by consecrated composers, such as Hans Zimmer, who continually collaborate with a multitude of great musicians who were not known at first, which is a great opportunity for them, as is the case with Dudu Aram, that he has composed, along with Antonio Pinto the soundtrack of good movies like ‘Self/Less’ (Eternal) y ‘The Odyssey’.

If would use the soccer simile, we could consider many of these artists as “Division II” and, in my case, - David G. Bonacho ('Libby', 'Vertices') - some might think that it is “Division III” but I do not think that, I would stay in "Table soccer tournament at the cocktail bar".


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