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Set sail

1 June, 2020

There is a scene that I find memorable from the movie “Castaway” and it is when the protagonist leaves the island and take a look back. At that time, wonderful music from Alan Silvestri starts playing and shrinks the soul, so masterfully accompanies the image of the island moving away from the waves of a rough sea. I had to watch the movie a second time to realize that the scene did indeed have music; such is the filling between music and image that occurs at that time.

This could be a great example of how music takes the filmic narrative to another dimension, as may also be the fact that it is the first time in the whole film that music sounds.

In that look towards the island that meant his confinement, his prison but also the one that saved his life, there is certain nostalgia, a certain feeling that something has been lost forever, all masterfully transferred to the viewer through music.

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