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‘Chaser’, the new video from Mammal Hands

22 July, 2020

I love the music of this band, but I also have a great time with their videos. The ‘Pop Video’… that genre that conquered me back in the 80s, continues to come to me. I think that today it is very important for a band not to neglect the good work of this noble art.

And it is a very good way to get your music to your audience. Unlike television, where you bombard willy-nilly to “bring” your audience, with the video published on the networks, it is the audience (your audience) who is looking for it and who finds it. It is the audience that "goes" to you.

In ‘Chaser’ we see a character who runs away: this has visual strength and that particular mystery that the moving image with no apparent sense has, when it fills with music and that borders on the dreamlike, elevates it to a new dimension.

I loved Editors' video from over a decade ago: “Papillon” in which this running is the storyline. Of course, this does not detract from this new piece by Mammal Hands at all, it adds more: let's keep running.

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