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How is working with David

21 April, 2016

Describing how to work with David is not as easy as it seems

I was lucky enough to meet him a long time ago and discovered his talent, all of my short movies from then until now carried his signature to a greater or lesser extent. What's more, all the professionals with whom I have worked, if I had to take me to three for a feature film, David would be one of them... and I have worked with many.

I've always said that the best thing about David is that he assures you of such a formidable soundtrack, which gives you the final result in a significant percentage. It's so good that he can write music for any genre in a masterly way, makes good comedy, drama, horror... It is a full composer.

For LIBBY, the first thing I did, before shooting a single take, was to request him Nicholas's lullaby. I remember that I opened that .wav and the soul, the tone, the "bible" of what would end up being Libby was reflected in those chords. I assure you, I can not do it either.

I'm lucky that, besides being my main composer, is my friend. David, is a good guy, making it doubly easy to deal with it.

I would like to be able to be more eloquent and write about his talent in a more accurate way... However, the best I can do is encourage you to listen to his music. Because everything is there. His songs reveal a musician, mature, perfectly prepared to deal with something more important.

Thank you for your talent and your friendship!

Juanan Martínez

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