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Composing music for films and theatre

5 September, 2016

composing soundtracks for short films, feature films, theater, advertising, and events. Original music for feature films, short films or documentaries. Composing of music for the stage: writing music for theater since 1999, with the composition of the original music for the play "Gaia" the CIA Tarambana.

Music that transports you elsewhere, atmospheric music, describing feelings, memories and moments caught in the clock, moods. A good alidade in cinematic narrative. Get a small demo of music composed by David G. Bonacho. Música para tu corto.

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Where can I get music to my short film?

Just contact me and describe your project if you need original music for an original short film.

Music for documentaries

There is a fundamental ingredient in a documentary, and that is to be clear that you must have original music. Like a movie, a short film or a play, the documentary is a genre in which the narrative, the public's attention, interest and, ultimately, all the factors that make a film to be accepted by the audience, passing through composing original music, made expressly for the documentary.

Music for scene

The scene has an essential part which makes an excellent ally of the music: the closeness of the public. A play with original music accompanies the narrative better, conveys to the audience different sensations almost as one character more.

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