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Street Market, playlists and upcoming releases

1 June, 2020

The song included in the soundtrack of “Libby (directed by Juanan Martínez, 2015) is the song by David G. Bonacho most included in playlists, although so are“ TTL (Time to live) ”“ Approaching the Terminator ”“ Distant Clouds ”or“ Views from ISS ”.

I greatly appreciate playlist curators like “Calming Piano & Strings” by Jiří Horák, “Zenscapes” by Henrik Lauge, “Ambient Music || To study and relax ||” by Francesco Nicola Perra (Perry Frank) or “Sleep Classical” by Carl Markham, “Be Relaxed” by Digin, “Ambient Encounters” by Crows Labyringth, “Ambient Soundscapes & Drones” by Justin Mank (Two Hands | One Engine), “Ambient and Minimal Classical and Neo Classical Music” by Matthew Whiteside or “Ambient Music” from Alessandro Penna, “Jupi/ter Playlist” by Jim Shorts, “Dream Piano” from Ron Adelaar or that “Dream Piano” by Boxset among many others who have included them.

It is a pleasure to see that they have selected a track of yours in playlists so carefully made.

Thank you so much!!

On the other hand, to tell you that I am preparing an album completely dedicated to the piano, accompanied by the occasional instrument, following in the wake of "Street Market", I will shortly publish a single to see what you think.

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