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A minute of silence

10 April, 2020

A minute of silence is the least we can offer to those who have left. A minute where we are all united. A minute where there are no reds or blues, or oranges, purples or greens. A minute where all the colors are one. This pandemic should at least change that from now on, and that all who want to continue putting their color ahead of any other contingency, do so, but far from the ranks of political power. That they dedicate themselves to putting their color before everything else in the middle of the desert, for example or on top of a hill or at the bottom of the sea. And may its place be taken by all those who are able to be united for at least a minute, by all who have left.

Since yesterday at 8 o'clock in the afternoon, it seems that the applause has not stopped ringing when mixed with the incessant rain. Applause for those who have left until today at 12, when we will keep a minute of silence.

Before the music plays: a minute of silence so they have left because of this damn pandemic. And for those of us who stay, let us always remember all this and change our attitude towards others and towards the planet.

In memory of our dear cousin, Juan Carlos García Álvarez (1959-2020).

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